Navarre Animal Hospital

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Boarding is charged per night. Check out time is 4:30pm; if any later you may pick up the following date.**(Weekends have limited hours)
**Non-optional fee ($6.50): For flea control, a Capstar flea tablet will be administered to all boarding pets when they arrive at our kennel. An additional tablet will be given on the day they go home.
Treats and favorite pet toys for your pet(s) are permissible; however, we will not be held responsible for damage or items not taken upon release of your pet(s). Leashes/harnesses, beds and blankets cannot be kept at our facility.
We strive to provide your pet(s) with the most pleasant, safe, and sanitary environment possible. Boarding, however, can be stressful to your pet(s). Diseases that are asymptomatic may be manifested during the stress of boarding.
Cats and dogs may be exposed and contract contagious diseases, such as Rhinotracheitis in cats and Kennel Cough in dogs. We cannot prevent the transmission of airborne diseases in pets.
Reasonable precaution will be used against injury, escape or death of pets. The hospital and staff will not be held liable for problems that develop provided reasonable care and precautions are followed.
I understand that any problems that develop with my pet(s) will be treated as deemed best by the doctors and I assume full responsibility for the treatment and expense involved.
Are there any concerns you would like the doctor(s) to address while your pet(s) are boarding? (Exam fee of $45.00):


If yes, please list pet(s) name & concern:

In the event of a hurricane, I am aware that the doctors and staff of Navarre Animal Hospital cannot guarantee the safety of my pets welfare while boarding at this facility.
I am aware that it is my responsibility to have my pet(s) picked up from boarding if a hurricane is predicted for Navarre/Santa Rosa County.
In the event of mandatory evacuation, Navarre Animal Hospital will be closed and pets will not be able to be evacuated or released. As weather permits, we will resume normal business hours and become available to care for your pet(s).
Do you wish to have your pet(s) bathed before discharge? (If yes, the earliest pickup time is 10am): (required)


If your pet has an accident in their kennel, a bath will be given at owners expense for each incidence that occurs.
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